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Cuban Dancing

New York magazine's reporting that the Dallas Mavs owner has "no chance" of ever owning the Chicago Cubs. A billion dollars he would disagree with the assessment.

There's a crazy story in New York magazine that says the Yanks' third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, might be outta NYC at the end of the season -- and heading to the Chicago Cubs. Will Leitch reports that agent Scott Boras has been talking to the likely new owners of the team about signing his client, who's still on the Texas Rangers' payroll to the tune of $7 mil this season alone. A-Rod would co-own the Cubbies too -- and not with ABC-TV's "Maverick Mogul" either:

[The Cubs] are up for sale, but a source with knowledge of the situation says Boras knows which group is most likely to be awarded the team. (That’s not loudmouth Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, by the way; he has no chance.) The source says Boras has already been in touch with that group about the possibility of a contract that could reach $30 million a year over the next ten years while deferring a certain portion of money toward an eventual stake in the franchise.

Boras (or KTCK-AM Mike Rhyner's "Baseball Antichrist") and A-Rod deny the report in today's New York Daily News. And he kind of has to, as those kind of talks before the season's end violate all kind of Major League Baseball rules. The Yanks are also looking into the New York story, on the grounds that chats between players and potential MLB franchise owners would disqualify said would-be buyers -- in this case, John Canning, the CEO of Madison-Dearborn Partners and a good pal of MLB commish Bud Selig. Which might re-open the door for Cuban, if he really isn't the leading contender.

Speaking of, you do have your TiVos set for tonight, right? --Robert Wilonsky

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