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Dallas Among Stops For Sarah Palin Doc, While Hal Samples's Doc-in-Progress Gets Nice Plug

This morning we find two items of local interest contained within the virtual pages of IndieWire. First: Long-ago Observer-er Dana Harris sends word that the extremely authorized Sarah Palin propaganda filmdocumentary The Undefeated has found a collaboratorexhibitor, the AMC chain of theaters. As a result its producers and distributors say it will play at least 10 markets on July 15, with Dallas among the cities getting a screening of the film described in this morning's announcement as "the story of a small-town girl who, against all odds, rises to the pinnacles of American government." If it doesn't star Rachel McAdams, or Julianne Moore, I am not interested.

IndieWire also rounds up a few notable in-productions "to root for" and includes on the short list Hal Sample's in-need-of-funding-for-finishing Something for Nothing. As you no doubt recall, that's his years-in-the-making documentary about Tachowa Covington, the homeless man who turned an abandoned water tank on the Pacific Coast Highway outside of Los Angeles into his home ... only to see it yanked out from under him, literally, after it was branded by Banksy. I see Hal's raised about $3,000 toward his goal of $30,000, with 17 days of Kickstarting to go. He's also posting deleted scenes from the doc in the hopes of spurring more donations. A heads-up in IndieWire also can't hurt.

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