Dallas Center for Architecture to Argue: "Bright Lights, Great City?" Should Be Illuminating.

Long before the downtown Omni opened we were treated to a sneak peek of its light show, which folks either think is the right shade of shiny or plain tacky, a debate that becomes especially heated when you add in the new-look Reunion Tower and all the other lite-brites decorating downtown. And speaking of Reunion, Justin's photo above is how it looked on Valentine's Day; turns out, "Red Ball" isn't just Jason Garrett's nickname anymore.

All of which reminds me: Greg Brown over at the Dallas Center for Architecture sends word of a back-and-forth concerning this very subject scheduled at its Woodall Rodgers HQ February 28 beginning at 6 p.m. From Brown's heads-up about the center's inaugural, takes-its-name-from-this "Point/Counterpoint" panel:

What is the impact of this phenomenon on the image of our city center? Does it enhance the vibrancy of our downtown? Does it add to the architecture or is it merely used to mask less-than-great design? Does it attract urban dwellers or simply keep them up at night?

KERA 's Jeff Whittington will moderate the panel that'll feature the likes of architect Scott Lowe, who's responsible for the Omni; preservationist architect Marcel Quimby; and Patrick "Car-Free" Kennedy, among others. Details here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.