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Dallas Councilman Philip Kingston Caught Looking at Boobs During City Council Meeting

You remember Anna Merlan, right? The Dallas Observer staff writer who specialized in writing about norm-bucking local subcultures (strippers, the leather scene, atheists, etc.) Well, she's doing the same thing in New York and just published a feature on the ladies fighting to defend their legal right to go topless in public.

Merlan shared the post on her Facebook page where, just a couple of minutes after 1:30 p.m., Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston chimed in. "Click bait. Worked."

Hard to argue with that, but we feel that we should point out that today is the Dallas City Council's regular meeting and that the afternoon session begins at 1:30 p.m., or just before Kingston gave his endorsement. That means, of course, that District 14's elected representative was looking at boobs on city time, and he's not ashamed of it either:


We should probably pause here to note that, aside from the cover illustration above, there are no actual pictures of breasts in the article. (An accompanying blog post, however, does.) And we can't be sure that the council meeting didn't start a couple of minutes late. We'll have to go back and review the tape to confirm that Kingston was in fact ogling the topless-ladies article during the regular session.

Merlan has officially dubbed Kingston's Facebook comments as BoobGate because clearly the fallout from this scandal may well derail his political career.

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