Watch: Jerry Jones Leads the Way as Texas Reopens

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is back at the office.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is back at the office. Ron Jenkins / Getty
Jerry Jones is off his yacht and back at the office. Video released Tuesday afternoon by the Cowboys from The Star revealed the team's owner carefully abiding by physical distancing and face covering guidelines as he reopened his team's headquarters.

Being the owner of one of the world's richest sports clubs has its privileges. As he walks into his office, Jones appears to be sporting an elusive N95 mask and gloves. As he sits down at his desk, he's flanked by an essential combo as the novel coronavirus continues — a big glass of iced tea and a big bottle of hand sanitizer.

"It's great to be back in the office this morning. I thought there was no better place than right here in our office, my office, to participate in the virtual league meeting that we're having," Jones said. "This is a big day for our clubs. I think it's a big day for the NFL. I think it's a big day for sports. It's a big day for building confidence."

Jones' return highlights one of the biggest issues faced by the NFL as it tries to get back to speed just a couple of months out from the would-be start of the preseason. The league is open for business, but not all the way.

While ownership and other team personnel are now allowed on The Star's premises thanks to Texas' reopening — the Cowboys noted that they are now allowing up to 75 employees on campus — the team's coaches are still locked out. The only players allowed at team facilities are those undergoing medical treatment or rehabilitation.

The league wants to maintain competitive balance, so the Cowboys are going to be hamstrung as long as there are states that haven't allowed professional sports franchises to reopen their front offices.

Jones said he expects the Cowboys to reopen gradually over the coming weeks.

"We're going to be very deliberate, but we're also going to be very determined. We will keep a close eye on the comfort and care of our employees as we're involved in this transition," he said. "We'll do it the right way."
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