Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to fire Jason Garrett. Who knows what it will take for that to happen?EXPAND
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to fire Jason Garrett. Who knows what it will take for that to happen?
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‘Get Your Damn Act Together Yourself, OK?’ Jerry Jones Melts Down on Sports Radio

Like many Cowboys fans on this otherwise lovely Friday, Jerry Jones is feeling the pain from his team's 31-24 loss to the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

Almost as soon as he went on the air with 105.3 The Fan, Jones went after hosts Cory Mageors and Kevin Hageland.

“Hey, get your damn act together yourself, OK? Now we’re going to have a good visit this morning but settle down just a little bit,” Jones said in response to being asked whether he was embarrassed by the Cowboys' performance. 

“We have a lot to go over, now go on with your question, but I’m going to give you the answers I want to give you this morning, but I don’t like your attitude to come in. I’ve been traveling all night and I don’t have the patience to jack with you today.”

After a bit of back and forth, the hosts asked Jones whether he understands why fans and the media are asking questions about head coach Jason Garrett's job.

Jones talked his way around the question for a bit, before asking Mageors and Hageland a question of his own.

"Do you understand bullshit?" Jones said.

At that point, the show's call with Jones ended. After a few minutes, program director Gavin Spittle came on the air to explain why: When someone is forced to hit the bleep button twice, as Spittle did during Jones' interview, The Fan's system automatically shuts down everyone but the on-air hosts.

Eventually, Jones came back on the air. Things remained weird.

“What I do is I get mad and I scream in my pillow. That low, low eerie thing you’re hearing going across Dallas is me screaming in my pillow,” Jones said. "The bottom line is, as you can imagine, I'd like to make this better."

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