Watch Dallas Cowboys Receiver Terrance Williams Go Head Over Handlebars Before Public Intoxication Arrest (Video)

Terrance Williams sat on the curb after falling off his electric bike Saturday morning.
Terrance Williams sat on the curb after falling off his electric bike Saturday morning. Frisco Police Department
An incident Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams will likely never live down started with an empty Lamborghini wrapped around a light pole in the middle of Lebanon Road in Frisco early Saturday morning. Police found the car, a blue 2017 Huracan, and went looking for Williams, the man listed on the registration as its owner.

When they found Williams, as documented in dash cam and officer body cam footage, he was riding a white electric bicycle in the 2400 block of Rock Creek Parkway near the gated Frisco community in which he lives. Williams can be seen swaying back and forth, trying to maintain control of the bike, before tumbling head first over the handle bars, proving that he has trouble hanging on to more that just footballs.

After police approached Williams after his fall, he told them that while he was obviously in no shape to drive, he was trying to make it back to the Lamborghini to check on his $350,000-plus investment.

"I would never lie to y'all, sir. I promise you, I would never lie to y'all," Williams said. "I wouldn't put myself in a bad situation. ... I'm really checking on my car."

Williams went on to tell the officers that he'd been at home the whole night and only headed out after his friend, Minnesota Vikings receiver Kendall Wright, called him and told him that he'd wrecked the sports car. Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman said Thursday that Wright and Wright's agent had both assured him that Wright was not driving Williams' car Saturday morning.

Williams' statements to police contradict one he issued Saturday. In that statement, he said he'd jumped a curb after swerving to avoid a driver who'd slammed on his brakes. After exchanging information with the driver, Williams said, a neighbor picked him up and dropped him off at his nearby house. He'd called a tow truck to pick up the car and was going to meet it when he fell off his scooter, Williams said.

Based on Williams' statements and behavior, Frisco police arrested him for public intoxication. During a post-arrest search, police found the keys to the Lamborghini in the front right pocket of Williams' shorts. 

Williams bonded out of Frisco City Jail on Saturday. 
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