Dominique Alexander poses for the Dallas Observer People Issue in 2015.
Dominique Alexander poses for the Dallas Observer People Issue in 2015.
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Activist Dominique Alexander Indicted on Family Violence Charge

A Dallas County grand jury has indicted community activist Dominique Alexander on family violence charges, according to court records. Alexander was arrested in April, following accusations that he injured his longtime domestic partner, Keyaira Saunders.

Saunders called Dallas activist and pastor Jeff Hood after the alleged assault. The pair then went to the hospital before filing a report at the Northwest Dallas Police Department substation.

"When I got to (the victim) last night, she was experiencing back pain — upper disk pain — she had bruising on her forehead. She had scrapes and bruising on her arm, her finger was swollen and one of her toes was broken," Hood said.

Alexander denied the charges.

"I did not in no way, form or fashion ball my fist or kick or hit her in any kind of way," Alexander told the Observer shortly before his arrest. "I believe that, if that was the case and there was truth and evidence that I would be in jail right now."

Alexander accused Hood of taking advantage of what he called a private matter.

"As a fellow activist, I find it very alarming that Jeff Hood decided to exploit my private life in a way without even communicating with me regarding it," Alexander said. "I find it very deceiving and very misleading. I feel like this is a private matter that has two sides of every story."

Shortly before the grand jury voted on whether to indict Alexander, Saunders said in an affidavit that she would not be participating in Alexander's prosecution. Alexander did not injure her during the altercation that led to her arrest, she said.

"My partner, Dominique, and I found that the stress (Saunders was running for Dallas City Council in April) brought out the absolute worst in our relationship," Saunders said. "We fought over things that days later seemed meaningless. We yelled and screamed. The house became tense and often toxic. He was impatient and antsy. I was fatalistic and quick to cry."

Saunders said Alexander did not "hurt (her) or cause (her) any physical pain," but that he did yell at her, get in her face and "put his hands on (her)."

She feels that Alexander has been targeted because of his anti-police brutality activism.

"I will not testify, I will not participate and more than anything I want all of the false friends, law enforcement and others who would use me as just an object in an effort to hurt Dominique or make a political spectacle to stop this right now," Saunders said.

Alexander is charged with continuous family violence, a third-degree felony. If convicted, he faces two to 10 years in prison.

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