Caraway's Last Gift to Dallas? Driving Us Deeper Into QAnon Conspiracy

(Clockwise from top left) Dwaine Caraway, John Wiley Price, John F. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. All tied together, or not, by QAnon
(Clockwise from top left) Dwaine Caraway, John Wiley Price, John F. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. All tied together, or not, by QAnon
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Unless you're lucky enough to spend a healthy, limited amount of time on the internet, you've surely run into QAnon. Spawned by an off-the-cuff aside about a coming storm by President Donald Trump in 2017, QAnon, ostensibly the mother of all conspiracies, is the unified theory of pro-Trump, anti-Clinton, anti-left wing rhetoric. Somehow, Dwaine Caraway, following his pleading guilty to federal corruption charges on Thursday, is involved in this thing, according to /r/greatawakening, the subreddit dedicated to the theory

QAnon essentially boils down to the idea that Trump is actually in control of everything and that Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating alleged ties between the Russian government and the president's campaign during the 2016 election, is actually investigating the role of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, among others, in an international child sex trafficking ring.

Q is an anonymous internet commenter who might be a high-ranking military officer, a team of people in the know or even, and this weaves Dallas further into the theory, John F. Kennedy Jr. QAnon believers frequently pass around the infamous "Wanted for Treason" poster featuring Kennedy Jr.'s dad that circulated in Dallas before Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president in 1963. The poster accuses John F. Kennedy of "betraying the Constitution" for the benefit of the Soviet Union, leading believers in the conspiracy to tie the ex-president to Trump.

Caraway seemingly couldn't have much to do with any of that, but there he was Thursday in Reddit's QAnon fever swamp, thanks to a user named WhatYonder1, who called out the former City Council member as what the subreddit calls a Notable Resignation.

"Notable resignation: Dallas City Councilman Caraway pleads guilty to receiving $450,000 in bribes," WhatYonder1 wrote, linking back to The Dallas Morning News'  story about Caraway's plea and resignation. (Note to all conspiracy fetishists: We would prefer if you'd link to our content rather than the Morning News'.  We could use the clicks and aren't an oppressive tool of the Deep State, after all.)

"He has been on the city council for years. He needed to go. He was the seat for my precinct. Now to get rid of John Wiley Price who has been in his same seat for over 20 years," Redditor Spartan086 writes, seemingly confused on a number of points.

Setting aside the technicality that Caraway has only been on the council this time around since June 2017 after having sat out for a couple of years during term limits, John Wiley Price is not on the Dallas City Council, as Spartan086 seems to imply. Price is a member of the Dallas County Commissioners Court. The confusion doesn't stop there. Next to chime in is ArianasDefacto.

"From Dallas here," she says. "Price is awful. Wasn’t his home raided? It was all over the news and not a thing happened to him. His protection back then was strong but now it’s coming to an end."

While ArianasDefacto is right that Price's home was raided by the FBI in 2011, lots of "things" happened to him subsequently. In 2014, federal authorities arrested Price for allegedly taking more than $1 million in cash and other goodies in exchange for his influence on the commissioner's court. Despite his "protection" — QAnon seems to be big on the idea that public officials are protected by some nebulous higher power — he went on trial for corruption in 2017. He beat the rap, not because of any outside forces, but because the prosecution in the case failed to develop a narrative theory that the jury could use as a basis for convicting Price. Or perhaps because he is innocent.

After some limited discussion on how much "Clinton" — which Clinton wasn't specified — might've gotten if Caraway got $450,000 to promote Dallas County Schools' stop-arm camera program, we finally get our closest idea yet as to what Caraway might mean for the country at large.

"There will be more guilty pleas. This is only the tip," TheLoneQuanger says. Guess ... sigh ... we'll have to check back in.

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