Dallas Euthanized 77 Roosters Seized From a Pleasant Grove Cockfighting Ring

Just yesterday, Johnson County officials were boasting of breaking up a cockfight outside Alvarado. It was, by most measures, a respectable bust, with 17 people involved and 97 birds seized.

But Johnson County? Johnson County's got nothing on Pleasant Grove. This morning, as if to one-up their rural colleagues, Dallas police announced a cockfighting bust of their own, this one involving at least 124 roosters.

According to DPD, cops and animal control officers arrived at a house in the 2700 block of Lewiston Avenue on Sunday afternoon to find a collection of vehicles and about 25 people milling about in the back yard. (This is a semi-rural stretch of Pleasant Grove. According to Google Earth, the yard more closely resembles a pasture).

The birds were mostly in cages in the cars. Animal control officers rescued 45 of the roosters. Two were already dead when they arrived. They euthanized 77.

So far, those involved have received only tickets (14) and/or had their cars towed (9). Investigators are interviewing suspects and say additional charges are coming.

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