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Dallas, FW and Arlington Mayors Ask Locals to "Like" Food Bank Campaign, Lest Area Lose Out

Meant to get to this a few days ago, when a Friend of Unfair Park directed our attention to Walmart's Fighting Hunger Together website. Long story short: Walmart, in conjunction with the Food Research and Action Center, is doling out $1.5 million to food banks nationwide. But it's handing out the money based on Facebook votes: The community that gets the most "likes" will receive $1 million, while the next five highest-ranking will get $100,000 each.

The deadline's December 31, but right now, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington would miss out on the money: We're at No. 10 on the list with some 1,344 supporters, which is way behind No. 1 Fresno at 13,073. San Antonio's the only Texas city to crack the money list, with 5,910 folks putting in at No. 3.

Which is why Mayors Tom Leppert, Mike Moncrief and Robert Cluck sent out a joint missive this morning: "We need your help," they write, pointing out that with 18 days left till the drop-deadline, folks need to get to likin' lest the area lose out. Says Leppert, "This is something that takes less than 15 seconds to do and yet, if we win this challenge, can do so much good in North Texas." The three write:


As the year comes to a close, we have a unique opportunity to help fend off hunger in North Texas with Walmart's "fighting hunger together" Facebook challenge.

Walmart is providing $1.5 million to food banks and food distributors, and Facebook users decide where that money goes. The community with the most "Like" clicks on Walmart's "fighting hunger together" web page will receive a $1 million prize. Communities with the next five highest tallies will receive $100,000.

But. It will cost you nothing and take you less than 15 seconds. The deadline is December 31st so we must act quickly.

First, go to and click the "Like" icon for Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington to tally your vote. But don't stop there! Forward this email to family and friends asking them to do the same. Ask your companies to engage its employees. Ask your places of worship to share with their members. Include your schools, neighborhood associations, your North Texas Facebook friends and of course, post the link on your Facebook page!

In these challenging economic times, the need to fight hunger is greater than ever. Texas has the 2nd worst rate of childhood hunger in the U.S. and one in every four kids is at risk of going to bed hungry. Walmart's generous gesture can help turn this around.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the giving spirit of the holidays by mobilizing tens of thousands of North Texans.

We thank you in advance for your support, and wish you peace and God's blessings for the holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

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