Dallas Is Apparently Less "Country" Than Milwaukee, the Least "Country" City in Texas

Congratulations, Dallas. Your never-ending quest to become "world class" has finally paid off. Not in the sense that Dallas will now be mentioned in the same breath as London and Paris or transformed into a international tourist hotspot. But you have finally succeeded in scrubbing off the redness the rest of the world assumes is covering the back of your neck.

Proof: Dallas is the "least country city in Texas," according to a study by the real estate website Estately, which ranked the nation's 50 most populous cities based on the percentage of people with Facebook interests like "rodeo" and "pickup trucks" and ran the results through an extensive peer-review process. (That's how these gimmicky real estate blogs work, right?)

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Nationally, Dallas was in the middle of the pack in every category but pickups (No. 4). We wear fewer cowboy boots than Milwaukee; we like country music less than Portland; we watch NASCAR less than Denver.

More important, Dallas was far less country than Houston (16), Arlington (11), El Paso (5), and San Antonio (2). Fort Worth, naturally, is the most country, getting high marks for cowboy boots, rodeo and sweet tea.

We'll leave it to you to decide whether or not this is something to celebrate. But there is definitely something special about a place that's equally unattractive to both NASCAR fans and hipsters.

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