Dallas is Getting Its Very Own Al Jazeera Bureau

Pretty much every serious national news organization has at least a skeletal presence in Dallas. The major networks, as well as CNN, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press, all have a Dallas bureau. Partly it's that Dallas is a thriving commercial and cultural hub, partly it's that the city's centrally located in an increasingly important state.

And so, as Al Jazeera prepares for the launch of its American news service, it's only fitting that it would establish a presence here.

Dallas is one of a dozen cities so far where the network will open a bureau, Politico reported today. The others: New York, D.C., Miami, Nashville, Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

It's from those location that the network, founded and until recently owned by the Qatari government, will begin the Islamist takeover of the U.S. by offering objective, unbiased coverage of world events.

Al Jazeera has not yet leased property in Dallas, but we're praying that they set up shop right next to Glenn Beck. He'd be thrilled to have them as a neighbor. Simply thrilled.

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