Dallas Is Suing to Shut Down Jaguars, the Strip Joint and After-Hours Club Busted for Drugs

Jaguars isn't just any strip club. "Built with the look of the Roman Colosseum, we promise a first class night out each and every night," its website explains, adding modestly, "This simply the greatest nude club in the country." Would a not-great strip club be open until "???" on Saturday nights? Or give its employees the gift of taking off their clothes on Christmas Day?

But before you rush and cancel your holiday plans, know that Jaguars' "Sexy X-Mas" won't happen if the Grinches in the Dallas' city attorney's office get their way. This morning, they sued to have the club shut down.

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The city is apparently upset that Jaguars was crawling with drugs, particularly during its all-night Eternal Eden parties, which were linked to two overdose deaths. Over five months undercover Dallas cops made 51 purchases of meth, Xanax, marijuana and Molly, which led to the indictment last week of 15 people affiliated with the club.

Dallas is asking that a judge declare Jaguars a "common nuisance," a legal designation that requires a property owner to stamp out illegal activity or face fines or jail time. It also can include an order that an establishment be shut down for a year, as the city is seeking in this case.

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