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Dallas Police Charge Robber With Killing Roofer Who Fought Back

Police say Earl Wayne Humphries killed two during robberies.
Police say Earl Wayne Humphries killed two during robberies.
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Earl Wayne Humphries decided to rob Alejandro Morales-Martinez, according to Dallas Police, because he thought he would be an easy target. Now Humphries faces capital murder charges.

Morales-Martinez, according to DPD, was waiting in his white Chevrolet mini-van for his co-workers to arrive at 4700 Colonial Avenue, just before 8:00 a.m. on September 20. He was part of a crew fixing up a house for a newly retired couple. Humphries, known throughout the neighborhood as Wayne, approached Morales-Martinez van and spoke to him through the drivers side window.

According to affidavit, one of the witnesses asked Humphries "what possessed him to do what he did to the Mexican" and he responded that "it was a quick lick."

Humphries demanded cash from Morales-Martinez and when he pointed a gun at Morales-Martinez, the victim fought back. Witnesses saw Humphries leaning into the van and then heard shots. Humphries, according to police, shot Morales-Martinez through the neck.

Humphries walked around the van, opened its passenger side door and dragged Morales-Martinez out of the vehicle. Onlookers reported seeing Humphries rifle through Morales-Martinez' pockets.

Humphries found about $1,500 he later told a police witness.

During an interview with police in October, Humphries admitted to leaning into Morales-Martinez' mini-van on September 20, but told police that he was just examining the car's interior accessories.

When police decided to arrest Humphries for killing Morales-Martinez this week, there was no doubt about where to find him since the 55-year-old is already in Dallas County Jail. He's been there since January, when he was charged with another capital murder.

In that case, police say Humphries hopped in Michael Gomez' SUV on July 10 while Gomez bought cigarettes inside a Texaco on Great Trinity Forest Parkway. After getting in the car, Humphries shot Gomez' 21-year-old brother, Luis Segovia, and pushed him out of the passenger side door, according to police. An anonymous witness identified Humphries from surveillance footage from the Texaco.

The man police believe to be Earl Wayne Humphries
The man police believe to be Earl Wayne Humphries
Dallas Police Department

Humphries bond is set at $500,000 each for the two murders.

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