‘These Are Hot Garbage’: Twitter Does Not Like the Mavs’ New Jerseys

Dirk Nowitzki, sporting a not great but not that bad jersey in April 2019
Dirk Nowitzki, sporting a not great but not that bad jersey in April 2019 Ronald Cortes/Getty
If you spent any time on Dallas Twitter or sports Twitter this week, you couldn't have helped running into the Mavericks' new jerseys, images of which leaked Tuesday night. We're sorry about that, but not so sorry that we're not going to make you look at it a few more times.
Conceived as part of the NBA's City Series uniforms that are intended to evoke the environs of the league's 30 teams, the Mavs' new duds evoke nothing but jokes and your worst memories about the '90s. They are truly and unnecessarily ugly, as anyone who's seen @skylerindallas' mock-ups of what the Mavs should be wearing can attest. Let's look at some of Twitter's best work dunking on the Mavs over the last couple of days.

Mark Cuban isn't in love with the criticism and says that consumers will decide whether the jerseys are successful. The early signs are that they've already decided.
Cuban is 61. @HORSE_hoops thinks the jerseys look like they might have been designed by someone around the owner's age. Much of Twitter went right for the low-hanging fruit — a '90s joke.

Giving credit where credit's due, Rangers blogger Adam Morris made a half-dozen or so actually funny jokes in his thread on the jerseys. @NBA_Buckets focused on what's really important, what the Mavs' young superstar Luka Doncic thinks of the things. Some were reminded of their childhood and teenage years, and not in a good way.
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