Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Philip Kingston Divided over Whether You Should Eat Meat on Thursday

In further proof that Mike Rawlings' tendency to craft major policy initiatives in secret is ruffling feathers at City Hall, some (or at least one) City Council member is pushing back against the mayor's newly hatched plan to curb Dallas' meat consumption.

The blowback comes on the heels of Rawlings' proclamation of Thursday, March 20, as the "Great American Meatout Day" in Dallas, encouraging residents to "'kick the meat habit and explore a plant-based diet."

Farm Animal Rights Movement, the animal-advocacy group that sponsors the Meatout, was quick to praise Rawlings for his leadership. But Councilman Philip Kingston was skeptical.

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"Maddox speaks for me on this issue," he wrote on his campaign Facebook page, linking to that author's satirical website The Best Page in the Universe.

The linked page features a picture of a chimpanzee, koala and toucan comically stuffed into a large cooking pot. "FOR EVERY ANIMAL YOU DON'T EAT I'M GOING TO EAT THREE," the text -- and, by extension, Kingston -- says.

There follows a lengthy screed against vegetarians, whom Maddox/Kingston characterize as self-righteous and insufferable.

"Ever get the feeling that vegetarians consider themselves morally superior to you? Like they think that not eating meat makes them so special that their shit doesn't stink?" Maddox/Kingston write. "As if when someone stops eating meat, they suddenly become holy and dignified and it excuses them for the years of inconvenience and frustration they inevitably inflict upon their friends, family and co-workers who just want to go to a restaurant and order a damn steak without constantly being reminded that they're going to hell for eating an animal that spends most of its life shitting in a field."

Maddox/Kingston go on to encourage Americans to "sponsor" a vegetarian by eating three times the amount of meat they would otherwise eat, preferably including zoo animals.

Asked on Facebook whether the koala or chimp is a breakfast food, Kingston responded "Toucan for breakfast. Duh."

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