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Dallas PD Loses Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson to Corpus Christi, Where He'll Be Top Cop

A couple of years back Scott Goldstein wrote quite the flattering profile of Dallas Police Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson -- as in, "In a profession that demands toughness, Simpson embodies compassion." Simpson was former Chief David Kunkle's right-hand man -- the man Kunkle put in charge of the Patrol Division, the one dispatched to talk to National Public Radio in 2009 following Officer Robert Powell's treatment of Ryan Moats. Following Kunkle's retirement, Simpson was among the leading candidates for the job of Dallas's Top Cop.

But now, he's Corpus Christi's chief, and its first black police chief, according to accounts down south. Simpson -- who, as Goldstein noted only a few days ago, was demoted by Chief David Brown to "the relatively low-profile Administrative Bureau" for reasons that puzzled many amongst the rank and file -- will begin there on March 12. Says Simpson, "The community is making a difference in policing, and I'm seeing it first-hand in Corpus Christi."

His departure, of course, follows closely on the heels of another high-profile Dallas PD departure: Deputy Chief Brian Harvey, charged with the department's Homeland Security operations, went to Allen just last month to serve as its police chief. And, of course, Deputy Chief Craig Miller announced in October he was going to work for the Dallas ISD as its chief of police. DPD says there's no statement regarding Simpson's departure -- at least, "not yet."

Update at 5:20 p.m.: DPD Chief David Brown just sent a statement wishing Simpson all the best. It reads, in full:

It is with great pleasure that I offer my congratulations today to Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson for his selection as Chief of Police for the Corpus Christi, TX Police Department. Chief Simpson has distinguished himself as a member of the Dallas Police Department's command staff, particularly in the areas of employee relations, training and recruiting. His leadership has contributed to making the Dallas Police Department the premier major city police department for officers to have a safe and rewarding career. With his selection, Chief Simpson becomes one in a long line of command staff officers that have risen through the ranks at the Dallas Police Department to become Police Chiefs at other organizations. I believe his proven ability to manage and lead in the Dallas Police Department made his selection the clear and obvious choice. Congratulations, Chief Simpson.

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