Dallas Police Chief David Brown Sent Drug Tip With a Free Sample of Suspected Crystal Meth

With the mountains of tips the Dallas Police Department fields on any given day, and with finite resources forcing the department to prioritize and decide which leads to follow up on and which to put on the back-burner, it's only reasonable for a concerned citizen to wonder how to make his or her complaint stand out from the pack. This week, one Dallas resident stumbled upon a foolproof way to do exactly that: mailing the police chief what appears to be crystal meth.

The envelope, addressed to Police Chief David Brown, arrived at Dallas PD headquarters at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

"The letter pretty much gave him some names, apparently [of] people who were dealing drugs, and it had some crystal substance," says DPD spokesman Juan Fernandez.

The sample was apparently offered as proof of the tip's veracity, Fernandez says, which is unusual. It did not, however, have the desired effect.

"When they field tested it, it was inconclusive for either methamphetamine or amphetamine, so they just took the letter and placed it in Baylor Property room," Fernandez says. "I guess they're" trying to track down the sender, though Fernandez didn't make it sound like it's much of a priority.

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