Dallas Police: Drunk Woman Ditched Daughter in Dumpster Outside King Spa

A Dallas woman has been arrested and charged with child abandonment and endangering a child after helping her 7-year-old daughter into a dumpster near the King Spa and Sauna on Royal Lane and then leaving her there overnight Saturday, police say.

Alicia Carroll called police at 9:40 Sunday morning and told them she left the girl with a friend after having drinks at the spa. Now, she told police, her friend would not return her child.

DPD says that when they got in touch with the friend, she told police that Carroll left the spa extremely drunk but still with her daughter in tow on Saturday night. Police began a ground and air search for the girl before bystanders told police they'd seen her near the spa. When police found her, she was "filthy" and didn't have any shoes on, they say.

The girl told police that her mother helped her into the dumpster because she thought police were chasing them. She fell asleep in the container before crawling out and walking back toward the spa in the morning, she told police. The girl was taken to Children's Medical Center for treatment for scrapes and cuts on her arm and legs and evaluation. She was released to family members.

Carroll remains in jail on a $25,000 bond.

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