Dallas police say Muhlaysia Booker's murder may be connected to two additional attacks on transgender women.EXPAND
Dallas police say Muhlaysia Booker's murder may be connected to two additional attacks on transgender women.
Brian Sevald

Muhlaysia Booker Killing Similar to Other Attacks on Trans Women, DPD Says

Last weekend's murder of Muhlaysia Booker was the third killing or assault of a Dallas transgender woman since October, Dallas police said Tuesday afternoon. Police found Booker shot to death early Saturday morning in Far East Dallas.

"These cases, although not directly related at this time, do have similarities the public needs to be made aware of," DPD Maj. Vincent Weddington said.

In the first similar attack, 29-year-old Brittany White was shot to death in October, according to police. In April, a transgender woman was repeatedly stabbed and left for dead, but survived. Police did not reveal the identity of the second victim.

Two of the victims, Weddington said, were around Spring Avenue and Lagow Street just before they were attacked. Through their investigations, Weddington said, police have discovered that two of the victims got into a car with someone just before they were attacked, while the third victim let someone into her car just before she was attacked. 

"We will work with our federal partners to determine if any of these three offenses should be considered hate crimes," Weddington said. "The department is asking for the public's assistance in closing these three cases."

Last month, video surfaced on Facebook of a group of men beating Booker following a minor traffic accident at the Royal Crest apartments. Police arrested 29-year-old Edward Thomas for his role in the beating on April 14. Thomas bonded out of Dallas County Jail after his arrest. Weddington said Sunday that police don't know where he is, but there is nothing to connect him to Booker's murder.

Investigators are still looking for other suspects in that attack, Weddington said Sunday.

"We've made one arrest, and we're still attempting to identify other people who were seen assaulting Muhlaysia in the video," Weddington said.

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