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Dallas Watersports Complex Hasn't Given Up on Skiing Fish Trap Lake Just Yet

Chad Lacerte, who'd hoped to have that Dallas Watersports Complex up and running on Fish Trap Lake last summer, hasn't given up hope yet -- not even after the Dallas Housing Authority pulled the cable-ski out from under him at the very last minute, after he'd sunk some $800,000 into the operation. For a while it looked like Lacerte might sue DHA. Instead, he says, he's opted to work with the organization, which has said it's studying ways to develop not only the lake but also the land around it.

Lacerte sends an e-mail this morning giving folks the heads-up: There's a meeting tonight to discuss water quality in the lake, a subject of much contention and just one of the reasons DHA says it was opposed to a project the mayor and city council had signed off on long ago. It's at the Lakewest YMCA from 5 to 6:30 p.m., during which time Lacerte will discuss his plan to address Fish Trap's water quality using an aeration system that'll "improve it for recreational uses," as he says. The mammoth presentation follows as a PDF for those who can't make so last-minute a meeting.

Lacerte also writes this morning:

We continue to meet with DHA in the master planning process with their architects, BRW. We have shared with them a three year build out plan that includes the capital investment we expect to make, the number of jobs that we hope to create and the new recreational activities that will be available. We have entered an agreement with the Education is Freedom program to ensure that a certain number of jobs are established for West Dallas residents. The DHA planning process is expected to be complete by February 22nd. ...

We appreciate the continued support of DHA, the City and Dallas and the West Dallas community.

Dallas Water Sports Complex - Lake Savers - Clean Flo Presentation

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