Dallas Woman Weirdly Unfazed By Wells Fargo Bomb Scare

Dallas Woman Weirdly Unfazed By Wells Fargo Bomb Scare

Yesterday afternoon, Dallas police were called to one of the dumber bank robbery attempts in recent memory. At 5:15 p.m. a man in his 40s pulled up to the drive-thru window (the sliding-drawer kind rather than suction tube) and placed what police described as a "suspicious device" inside along with a note.

The teller, perhaps retreating instinctively, perhaps calculating that no robber would be dumb enough to detonate a bomb two feet from his own face, went and told her manager, who called police.

The device, which the man left behind when he fled, wasn't a bomb, but police didn't know that at the time. Neither did 22-year-old Brittany Rae Booker, who was standing on a nearby sidewalk as the bomb squad checked things out.

Officers on the scene tried to usher Booker away, but say she wouldn't budge. Three times they ordered her to leave. Each time she refused.

"She told one of the supervisors that it's a public sidewalk and she had a right to be there," a police spokeswoman explained.

So, while DPD has so far come up empty in its search for the would-be bank robber, their cuffs did not go completely unused. Booker was arrested for interfering with public duties and failure to ID.

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