Dallasites Love Their Jobs!

Turns out that as the year ended, Dallasites were pretty happy with our lots lot in life -- at least compared to the rest of the country. The Hudson Employment Index, which measures workers' confidence and contentment, was released this morning, and the year-end wrap-up reveals that on average, only 33 percent of all Americans thought their personal finances were improving by the end of '07. In Dallas, though, 43.7 percent of those surveyed thought things were looking up -- a drop of only 2.3 percent from December '06.

The local results are available here -- and from the looks of it, locals surveyed for the index are pretty happy, all things considered. Dallas is the only city among the 11 major metropolitan areas surveyed with an index rating in the triple digits; just 16 percent of ya aren't happy with your current jobs, a drop of almost 4 percent; and only 14.9 percent of local workers are worried about getting canned sometime in the near future, another declining stat. Manolo Blahnik strap sandals for everyone! --Robert Wilonsky

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