Who's the second-best QB in the NFL. Guess. And it's not Drew Bledsoe, whoever he is.

David 2, Goliath 0

Two names I just know you didn't expect to see atop the charts: Borat and Romo. But, alas, here they sit. The reporter from Kazakhstan is still the No. 1 movie in the U.S. and A., and the quarterback from Eastern Illinois is the NFL's highest-rated passer this side of Peyton Manning. While Borat is fending off numerous lawsuits to gross another $29 million last weekend, Romo silenced more of his critics (hand raised) in throwing for 309 yards and two touchdowns in Dallas' romp over crappy Arizona.

You'd think this Sunday the fairy tale would end, or at least make a quick detour through reality, when Manning and his undefeated Colts visit Texas Stadium. Manning is the league's top-rated passer at 104.5. Don't don't look now, but nipping at his Hall of Fame heels is Romo at 101.2. (Drew Bledsoe-- remember him?--is ranked 30th at 69.2.) Since his dreadful debut against the Giants and then an ill-advised duck early against the Panthers, Romo has suddenly gone 11 quarters and 92 passes without an interception. In fact, he's a simple 35-yard field goal against the Redskins from being 3-0 as a starter.

No doubt Manning is still the NFL's best quarterback. But it's amazing that Romo is even being included in the conversation. Next thing you know, Borat will be funnier than Will Farrell.

In semi-related news, if you're still not a Romo believer and long for a shot of the Cowboys' glorious past, I've gone to great lengths to find a great deal on a great book. Enjoy. --Richie Whitt

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