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Deconstructing Greggo

Did the Hammer nail it?

Well, we all saw Greg Williams’ appearance on Mike Doocy’s Sports Sunday. It was nice to see him alive and seemingly well. But, like me, you probably weren’t exactly sure what you saw.

Greggo? In a snappy suit? Admitting drug use we’ve known about for months? Giving a birthday shout out to a 112-year-old?


Instead of guessing, I picked up the phone.

Me: That was your first public appearance in seven months. Nervous? Him: I wasn’t nervous at all. Probably should’ve been. But it felt natural talking sports and getting my opinions back out there. It felt good.

Me: The way I remember it, you built your popularity, your legacy, on country-fried Hammer. What’s with the zoot suit? Him: If the guy asking me to be on his TV show wears a suit, I’m obligated to wear one too. It’s just a shame I’m on there out-dressing Doocy.

Me: I’ve written about your drug use, addiction and ensuing rehab. But that’s the first time you’ve admitted it publicly. Was that uncomfortable? Him: It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It’s something I needed to say; something I had to say. I don’t know how it came off, but I addressed it as honestly as I could.

Me: Okay, who’s the guy you wished Happy Birthday to again? Him: Jud Tull. He’s one of the keys to my good life. Fixes everything for me. Owns a place called Aqua Dock down on Lake Granbury. Great, great guy.

Me: Is he really 112? Him: No (laughing). He’s 51.

Me: Hmm. -- Richie Whitt

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