Deion Sanders Is 86 Percent Impaired, Workers Comp Claim Says

Deion Sanders, who has accused other NFL athletes of faking their head injuries for money, is cognitively impaired, four doctors have determined.

Sanders has had no problem using his pedestal as a Hall of Famer and television analyst to talk shit about other former NFL players suffering brain damage. "The game is a safe game," he said during the Super Bowl telecast last year. "I don't buy all these guys coming back with these concussions. I'm not buying all that. Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal."

But perhaps that was just the behavioral/emotional disorder talking. He apparently has that too.

In total, the four different doctors who examined Sanders found him to be suffering from 13 medical conditions. Sanders reported the grim diagnosis in a workers compensation claim he filed in California.

The Los Angeles Times discovered the claim, part of a nifty database it's been working on. According to the paper, more than 4,400 claims of head injuries by professional athletes have been filed in California, because the hippie state is much more generous to injured workers than other states.

Sanders' case is pending, according to the Times, so he hasn't won any injury money yet.

Doctors also reported that he is suffering from arthritis and "arousal disorder," an innocent sleep disorder with an unfortunate name (before I looked up what arousal disorder actually was, I assumed that was the cause of the arthritis).

The LA Times couldn't get a comment from Sanders. I reached out to him for comment on Twitter. His response: "u are ignorant and the worst journalist EVER! TRUTH"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.