Deion Sanders Jr. is Under Investigation for Tweeting Backstage Picture with Lil Wayne

Unfair Park has no particular beef with Deion Sanders Jr. He, unlike his father, has never established a charter school and used it to get his own reality show, or tried to trick us into being a part of that reality show. He's just your average SMU student who enjoys Versace bed sheets.

However, the news that Deion Jr. tweeted a picture of himself chilling backstage with Lil Wayne, and that the tweeted picture has now prompted an investigation, is too rich to pass up.

The investigation doesn't seem to be terribly serious. It's being conducted by SMU's compliance office, not the NCAA.

"Just doing their due diligence," athletic department spokesman Brad Sutton told The Dallas Morning News in a text message. "We don't expect to find anything amiss, but it's our responsibility to check stuff like this out."

Deion Sr. weighed in on -- and apparently broke -- the story during a visit this week to Harlingen.

"This is how stupid my life is," he said at a press conference, according to the Valley Morning Star. "Lil Wayne is one of my best friends and they're trying to say they got in the concert because they're SMU players. That's how stupid stuff is. Isn't that stupid?"

The paper reports that he then "boasted ... of the hospitality provided at the Golden Corral." Truth.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.