Deion Sanders Literally Begs Oklahoma to Play Football Against Prime Prep

The football team at Prime Prep Academy, Deion Sanders' charter school, has been struggling to find opponents after a UIL committee barred it from competing against district opponents.That pretty much wiped out their schedule, save for a game against Parish Episcopal at which they endured a 50-6 shellacking and another versus Bishop Dunne, which they lost by a somewhat more respectable margin.

Sanders then apparently contacted former Cowboys coach Barry Switzer for help lining up opponents in Oklahoma. On Friday, they traveled to Oklahoma City for a match-up against Millwood High School. They lost. Now, according to, Sanders is looking for more.

"We're willing to come back," Sanders told the site. "I think the whole month of October is open. We're not stacking the deck, you can see that. We're 0-3. We're just trying to get these guys games to allow them to do what they're gifted to do. Anybody, if you're out there, please give our babies a game. We just want these kids to play and have a good time."

Sanders isn't giving his team quite enough credit. Their gritty performance against WFAA's Brett Shipp deserves to be counted as a win, right?

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