Deion Sanders' School Is Getting "Enhanced Non-Lethal" Handguns. What Could Go Wrong?

In July, all of the TRUTH-haters in the media reported that Deion Sanders' disaster of charter school was being "shut down." But we were wrong. Prime Prep is still open and participating in sports. Not only that, Prime Prep has proudly become the only school in the country to equip some of its staff with the Pro V2, a fancy pepper-spray handgun that includes a digital video camera that records when it's being used.

Which, one suspects, future plaintiff attorneys might find handy.

The Pro V2's maker, Guardian 8, calls the weapon an "enhanced non-lethal" handgun, and says Prime Prep is the first guinea pig bringing this "enhanced non-lethal" technology to a school campus, according to a news release that the school and gun-maker sent out Friday night.

"One school has shown they have the courage to take the extra step in protecting their students," the release triumphantly begins. Every other school in the country that has not deployed enhanced non-lethal Pro V2 handguns are just a bunch of weak bitches, apparently. The handgun will target "anyone potentially wishing to do harm to the campus." It's a rather broad target base that, in theory, could include reporter Brett Shipp or investigators from the Texas Education Agency, since exposing mismanagement and trying to revoke the school's charter probably counts as doing "harm" in Deion Sanders' eyes. The TEA however has no say on the guns.

"There are no TEA rules on that subject," explained a TEA spokesman when we inquired about Prime Prep's non-lethal handguns.

Prime Prep had its charter revoked by the Texas Education Agency in July. The school appealed and a hearing was scheduled for late November. But for reasons unexplained, the TEA delayed the hearing until January 27, allowing the school to remain open and become the first to deploy enhanced non-lethal handguns in the meantime.

So if you find yourself potentially wishing to do harm to Prime Prep and facing a man holding what looks like a gun, remember that it's not real and the pain will all be over once the canister is empty. Here's the description of how it works:

The Pro V2 resembles a handgun, especially when holstered, but has many more features than a firearm. First, by arming the device, a digital camera and audio recording features are activated, while simultaneously deploying a laser spotter feature. Second, after a partial trigger pull, an alert siren and strobe light are activated in tandem with a pre-recorded alert message. Finally, with a complete trigger pull, a continuous spray of pepper spray is unleashed at the target, and will continue to spray until the trigger is released or the canister is emptied.

Who gets to use the handguns? A spokesperson whose contact information is on the release hasn't yet answered our questions. The news announcement only says that two school administrators were certified to be "ENL instructors from the creator of the Pro V2 itself." Two anonymous people got clearance from the gun-maker to teach others how to use the gun? Sounds legit.

Prime Prep, which is unofficially run by Sanders and his associates after they overthrew co-founder D.L. Wallace and his allies in a dramatic coup last year, has always had an unorthodox approach to security. One of the top complaints by former administrators is that people could walk through the Dallas campus' unlocked doors anytime and get into the buildings without signing in.

And then there was Sanders himself, who had multiple times been accused of violence. In one recording leaked to us this year, he admits to choking the school's chief operating officer. In another recording we got, Sanders threatened to break Wallace's neck while demanding a raise. Sanders had also pleaded guilty to assaulting yet another employee who had accused Sanders of choking him.

It seems then that the Pro V2 handgun will actually be the perfect tool to help Prime Prep fight off violent people, unless Sanders is the one of the people who will be armed with the Pro V2, in which case, run.

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