Does This JCPenney Tea Kettle Look Like Hitler to You? [Updated]

Oh, JCPenney. The Plano-based department store chain just cannot seem to stop stepping in it, in the weirdest ways possible. Last year, there was Gay Dad-Gate, in which the company pissed off homophobes everywhere by featuring a photo of two gay fathers in its catalog, just after it had the temerity to name Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson.

All that took a backseat, though, to the company's financial woes under the reign of CEO Ron Johnson, who finally stepped down in April after managing to drop the company's stock price by more than 50 percent.

We hadn't heard much from JCPenney for the last couple months, as new CEO Mike Ullman (who was also the old CEO, before Johnson) tries frantically to un-sink the ship over there. But now the company's back in the news for the Michael Graves-designed tea kettle you see above, which, in addition to being stainless steel, sort of looks like Hitler, doesn't it?

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As Gawker noted this morning, the Hitler kettle was first spotted by Reddit users (of course), who saw the image on a billboard in Culver City, California.

"I'm a little Nazi, short and stout," notes one Redditor. "The pot is calling the kettle a fascist," adds another. "Mein Cuppa," MSN headlines their story, less cleverly.

JCPenney hasn't responded to requests for comment on the Hitler Kettle from multiple media outlets. We're pretty certain they won't respond to ours either, but we'll update if they do.

Update 1:21 p.m.: JCPenney assures us via Twitter that the tea pot's resemblance to any mustachioed dictators is "certainly unintended." A look at their timeline shows that they're busy reassuring everybody else of the same thing.

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