Domingo, As a Member of the Redistricting Commission, You Should Really Know Better

Like I said Friday, when we looked at Dwaine Caraway and Carolyn Davis's messed-up maps, Anna's heading to that Redistricting Commission meeting this evening at City Hall -- sooooo lucky. (Tell Sandra Crenshaw that Schutze sends his warmest regards.) In advance of that wingding, I went to the commission's site this afternoon to see if anyone submitted a map since last we looked -- and sure enough, moments ago some commission members' maps went live, complete with staff analysis. Which brings us to Domingo Garcia's submission -- one of two, actually, the other a Domingo-Brooks Love-Billy Ratcliff joint with which staff has some minor quibbles.

But Garcia's solo project ain't gonna fly: Like Caraway's, Garcia's submission -- which has five Hispanic-majority districts and two African-American-majority districts -- doesn't meet a single one of the three major criteria. As in: His districts aren't compact or contiguous and actually manages to leave pieces of the city out of one of the 14 districts -- amazing. And when it comes to issues of minority representation, says the staff analysis: "While this plan includes 7 minority districts and 2 minority coalition districts, many of the districts exceed the population deviation for population equality. Because all areas of the city were not assigned to a district, additional evaluation of the plan cannot be completed."

Still, at least his submission is better than fellow commissioner Elizabeth Jones's. She could only be bothered to redraw four districts' boundaries: 10 through 14. It doesn't work like that. Not like she should know. Oh, wait. Add Donna Halstead's nixed proposal to the scrap heap, and the commission's batting a bit 0-fer at the moment.

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