Don Hill's a MySpace Candidate Too. Be His Friend?

Don Hill looks like a man who wants to be mayor. Or he's just wanting for a phone call from the F.B.I.

Hate to tell this to our pal Zac Crain -- who, we find out in this morning's paper, is one powerful dude -- but he is no longer the only MySpace candidate for Dallas mayor. This morning, we stumbled across the Don Hill for Mayor MySpace page, which, thus far, consists of a few hundred friends and a bio. But it's better than nothing -- certainly, it beats all hell out of the Interweb workings of Tom Leppert. Somehow, he's already sent us a colorful mailer (featuring a family photo) and taken out a billboard on the Dallas North Tollway (which is obscured by the wall at Lovers Lane, heh), but he doesn't even have an active Web site yet. C'mon, Tom, even John Cappello has a nice site up and running; just don't click on the blog or podcasts buttons, since they don't appear to work.

Sam Coats' site is up -- like Leppert's, just barely. It says one thing at the moment: "One mayoral candidate is running for the simple, honest reason that he can really help make Dallas a better place to call home. More on that real soon." Uh, OK. No rush or anything, Sam. I do love Roger Herrera's site, if only for the fact it has photos of Public Works & Transportation worker sleeping in his car -- "in Councilman Ed Oakley's District 3," Herrera writes, like Ed Oakley had something to do with the nap. Of course, his campaign Web site is kinda boring -- filled with little more than pics of fast-food and Big Box stores Oakley says are part of the "commercial development" of Oak Cliff. Bo-ring. Which brings us to the inevitable question: Where the hell is Jennifer Gale's Web site? Because this outdated page for his-her Austin mayoral campaign ain't gonna cut it, even if someone has posted to it a bunch of pictures of Hitler and one of a very fat man working at his computer. You have been warned. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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