Don't Like How Dallas's Districts Are Drawn? Think You Can Do Better? Then Go Ahead.

I mentioned this in passing on Tuesday, but just got the Official Release, so here's the reminder: You can now redraw the city's council districts, and, hey, who knows -- yours might be just the puzzle the city winds up going with. The redistricting website has all the info you need to register; and for those so interested I'd go back and re-read the briefing City Manager Mary Suhm gave to the council yesterday.

Several friends of mine have actually attended a handful of redistricting meetings and said they've been spirited affairs, to say the least. Says Suhm this evening, the heated back-and-forth "is a good thing -- that's what you want. People have strong views, and there needs to be that discussion."

But now you can just DIY. It's a long way from the good (?) old days when Joe May "had these sheets and sheets and sheets of papers," Suhm says. "What the web does is facilitate a very difficult, cumbersome process, but even with the software it's very complex. It's like Jell-O -- every move you make impacts another. But the access will get a lot more people involved."

I asked Suhm how seriously the council-appointed redistricting committee will take the submissions. She says: Very. But just remember: "You can't do one district. You have to do 'em all. We'll keep it in the testimony, but it won't be considered. Once you move one, you have to do the others." Me, I'm just in it for the maps.

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