Downtown Dallas Will Have Big Balls

Three of them, as a matter of fact -- as in, "The World's Largest Inflatable Beach Balls." At least, that's the plan for Sunday, when Carnival Cruise Lines bounces into town in an effort to enter the Guinness Book of World Records (and garner plenty of free pub, well played). It's bringing to Dallas three 35-foot-around, three-stories-tall beach balls it intends to bounce down Elm Street, beginning at 1511 Elm, at 1 p.m. sharp. The affair will also be filmed for a new Carnival ad, for those who wanna be on the teevee -- or just like, ya know, some some AC/DC. Sounds like a missed opportunity for the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, you ask me. Either way, the full details are after the jump if you're in desperate need of weekend plans. Oh, I smell a weekend slide show. --Robert Wilonsky

Carnival Cruise Lines to break a Guinness world record in Dallas

Three Thirty-five foot beach balls set to be world's largest during Carnival's Fun Crowd event

WHAT: Carnival Cruise Lines is attempting to break a Guinness Book of World Record in Dallas with the largest beach balls ever.

Fun facts about Carnival's record-breaking beach balls:

* It will be 35 feet in diameter.

* It will be more than three stories tall.

* It will contain 22,449 cubic feet of air.

* Its surface area is 3,848 square feet.

The "Fun Ship" company also wants to make sure Dallas is having fun. According to a survey from Expedia.com, 35 percent, or an estimated 51 million Americans, will not use all of their vacation days. In fact, they will leave an average of three vacation days this year, which calculates to US employed adults giving back a total of more than 438 million vacation days in 2007.

Dallas can get away from everyday responsibilities and come out and have fun during a special "Fun Crowd" event with music, food and a Fun Booth with entertaining activities you can share with your friends and family online.

While at the Fun Crowd event, attendees have the opportunity to be in Carnival's new TV commercial as well enter to win one of five free cruises for a family of four on a Carnival Fun Ship.

WHO: Danny Girton Jr., Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator John Heald, Carnival Cruise Lines senior cruise director Dallasites who love -- or need -- fun in their lives

WHEN: Sunday, October 26 Noon - Fun Crowd event opens 1:00 p.m - Beach ball drop 1:00 p.m. - Guinness Book of World Records announcement 3:00 p.m. - Announce winners of free cruises

WHERE: 1511 Elm Street, Dallas Downtown Dallas Corner of Elm and Akard streets

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