Downtown Tomorrow, It's an EPA-Sponsored Open Season on Texas's Greenhouse Gas Regs

If you were all revved up yesterday for a few solid hours of public debate on the environment, only to be abruptly denied, well, take heart -- at the Crowne Plaza Hotel tomorrow, the Environmental Protection Agency's holding an all-day hearing on its proposals for regulating greenhouse gases.

From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza downtown, you and a few hundred other lucky guests get the chance to weigh in on the showdown between Rick Perry and the feds over whose greenhouse gas emission standards are the law of the land.

If you'd like to say your piece, you can reserve yourself a time with an e-mail to Pamela Long at the EPA. EPA regional administrator and Gasland star Al Armendariz will be there. So too the Sierra Club, which promises "some great Perry visuals" at its noon press conference with Texas Rep. Lon Burnam and a handful of environmental luminaries.

Tomorrow's hearing comes right on the heels of a third straight court win for the EPA in a D.C. appeals court, where Texas has been trying to block the feds' efforts to enforce air quality standards.

Folks at the EPA sent the following statement our way when we asked for comment on the ruling:

"This ensures that our efforts to enact modest, common-sense steps to address carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act -- the same law that has protected America's air quality for the past 40 years - will proceed in the state of Texas just as they are proceeding across the nation. We look forward to working with Texas officials to ensure that their industrial facilities can seek permits to expand and grow while protecting the health of all Texans."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.