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DPD Says It's "Confident" An Arrest Will Be Made in Uptown, Highland Park Carjackings

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After the jump is an e-mail I received this morning from a Friend of Unfair Park, who received it this morning via a neighborhood crime watch mailing list. It concerns a carjacking in the parking lot of the Albertsons at McKinney and Lemmon Avenues. Though the e-mail says the incident occurred "Thursday night," Dallas Police Department spokesman Senior Corporal Kevin Janse says it took place on November 5, and it was the most recent of three related attacks.

"This guy hasn't struck again in a month," Janse tells Unfair Park. "The detectives have some good leads. They're working with Highland Park, where they also had an offense, and they're working some good tips, and if they go to the public and ask for their assistance, they worry they might jeopardize the investigation. They feel confident an arrest will be made sometime in the near future."

Janse wasn't surprised to get our call: This morning, he says, his sergeant and another DPD spokesperson met to discuss the missive, which is making the rounds.

Dear Neighbors,
This crime did not occur in our neighborhood, but I wanted our neighbors to be very careful as they drive around in the Dallas area.  

Our son was car jacked at gun point Thursday night in the Albertson's parking lot off Lemmon Ave. in Uptown. It happened about 10 pm. as he was putting his groceries into his car, a BMW came out of nowhere and pinned him in. A Hispanic man jumped out of the car, hit him on the head and put the gun to his head and told him they were going on a ride. Later my son found out the driver of the BMW had just been car jacked and the car jacker had just finished with him and was moving on to the next victim--my son.  

The car jacker sat in the back seat with the gun pointed at my son's head the entire time. He went through his wallet trying to find out where he could get some quick cash.  He made him go to an ATM and withdraw $300 and then move on to another ATM.  All the while, he threatened to kill him and wanted to know where we lived and any other relatives close by so he could terrorize all of us. My son told him that we did not live in town.  

The car jacker then told my son to drive to a gas station very near where he initially picked him up and told him to get out of the car. He then got in the front seat and told my son to adjust the seat for him and asked for any CD's that he had. He then told my son to turn around and not look back as he would blow his brains out. The car jacker drove away.

Of course, I can not even begin to tell you how grateful we are that our son is unharmed, but the event itself is so unsettling and we all feel very violated.  

I would like to let everyone know that this all happened very quickly. My son is extremely vigilant and always tries to be aware of his surroundings. He was parked only yards from the front entrance and a policeman was in the parking lot (my son tried to wave to him to get his attention, but the officer did not see the incident). We later found out that the police officer was there because this guy has been doing this in the Albertson's parking lot for a couple of weeks.

Our son's car was found Monday. The police still have his car and are looking through it to find any DNA. Monday we were told that the police had a suspect in custody. We were so relieved, but that was celebrating too quickly as the guy struck again in the State Thomas area and then in Highland Park Village. So he is still out there.

The police told my son that this is what happens when the economy is bad and they expect this behavior to just get worse. The car jacker is a Hispanic male, 5 ft. 10 in. and approximately 210 lbs.--in his 20's.

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