DPD's On the Lookout For One Tony Romo

No, not that one. The one featured in this video the Dallas Police Department just posted, in which a Big C convenience store at 2240 Irving Boulevard is robbed at gunpoint by two men, one of whom is a 21-year-old named Anthony Romo. (His accomplice is, thus far, unidentified by DPD.)

According to Kevin Janse, DPD spokesman, the men are believed to have been involved in "up to nine armed robberies," including ones at the La Azteca Meat Market (3046 Forest Lane) in September and the Supermercado Monterrey (5306 Davis Street) on Halloween, where a store clerk was shot by the accomplice. Janse tells Unfair Park the Big C robbery, which occurred Friday, is the most recent involving the two men.


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