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Drink Down The City of Dallas's Response to Dry Side's Motion For Summary Judgment

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission continues to dole out those permits to the would-be beer and wine sellers of Dallas. The 21-page of list of March sweepstakes winners alone, which follows, includes a handful of Aldi locations (from the one at Forest and Audelia to the grocery at Illinois and Hampton), gas stations along LBJ and Stemmons, and numerous Oak Cliff and southern Dallas convenience stores -- all of which, of course, were dry till the November referendum allowing for the off-premise sale of beer and wine citywide. Which, of course, liquor retailers and a Dallas Area Rapid Transit board member and a real-estater are all trying to overturn in Dallas County Court.

A September court date had been set at the end of January, but two weeks later Leland de la Garza, one of the attorneys fighting to overturn the election, filed a motion for summary judgment, claiming yet again that City Secretary Deborah Watkins erred when she said there were enough legit signatures on those Keep the Dollars in Dallas petitions turned in last May. A hearing has been set for April 19. At the time the mammoth motion was filed last month, First Assistant City Attorney Chris Bowers told Unfair Park: "We will be filing an equally massive response. We will have a vigorous defense, and I am not losing sleep over their summary judgment motion."

That response was filed at the end of last week, runs 112 pages (including copious exhibits) and follows in full. Long story short: The city says Watkins did nothing wrong: "There is no evidence that the City Secretary made a mistake, engaged in improper conduct, or violated the Election Code by the form or manner of her certification of the petition" when she told the city council to call the wet-dry election in June. Jump, but do not drive.

Dallas Response to Wet-Dry Summary JudgmentMarch TBA Beer Wine Permits

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