Dwaine Caraway One Win Closer to Collecting on Pre-Game 5 Bet With Miami-Dade Commish

With The Finals tied 2-2, Mayor-For-Now Dwaine Caraway finally made a sports bet with a Miami politician -- not Mayor Tomás Regalado, but Miami-Dade County Commissioner Chairman Joe A. Martinez, who extended the wager. The note came from City Hall late yesterday:

Caraway added a twist to the traditional bet: the losing team's representative must wear the winning team's jersey while performing a community service project.

"Gifts are great," Mayor Caraway said, "but helping people is what really matters, so I've challenged Chairman Martinez to up the ante by wearing a Mavericks jersey when he performs his community service project once his team loses to the Mavericks."

When the Mavericks win, Caraway will send Martinez a Mavs jersey to perform his community service project in, and Mayor Caraway will receive from Martinez stone crabs, Cuban pastries, and handmade cigars.

Similarly, should the Heat win, Martinez would send Caraway a Heat jersey to wear while performing community service. Martinez would receive from Caraway barbecue from Eddie Deen's, a Quatros Leche cake from La Duni, and a silver Dallas belt buckle. Caraway chose the belt buckle as a symbol of his "Pull 'Em Up Campaign."

Because Caraway is, after all, a trailblazer. And he likes to keep it comfy. Incidentally, Arthur had Mavs in six; Archie; Heat in seven.

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