Early This Morning, A Man Was Shot to Death in the Char Bar Parking Lot on Lower Greenville

According to various reports from the Dallas Police Department and the Lower Greenville Self-Appointed Civilian Police Department Comprised Mainly of Avi Adelman, a man was shot and killed after an altercation early this morning in the Char Bar parking lot on Lower Greenville. I've pieced together some of what appears to have happened courtesy the DPD, Adelman and a Lower Greenville patron who saw much of what happened go down last night.

Senior Corporal Kevin Janse, DPD spokesman, says the deceased is 29-year-old Evans Wright, who was involved in some kind of altercation with an unknown man at the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company around 2:10 a.m. Cops were called, and situation diffused. Janse says "everything had calmed down, the parties all dispersed." But half an hour later, says Janse, "the two parties found each other again at Greenville and Prospect," where the suspect "fired multiple rounds at our victim, hitting him and killing him." As of now, says Janse, the cops have just short of a gazillion witnesses to interview and haven't made an arrest.

Never one to miss a crime of any magnitude on the LG, Avi Adelman was roused out of his house last night to see about the goings-on, per his Barking Dogs blog. He says the fight was over a girl. I just got off the phone with a Lower Greenville patron -- who wishes to remain anonymous -- who was at the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company last night. Source says the girl thing isn't too far off from what happened. My source described the whole thing as "a senseless act."

Sources say the altercation started when the suspected gunman was being rowdy and demanding beers at the pizza place just after 2 a.m., disturbing patrons and causing a general ruckus. Per my source:

"The guy was in there being super belligerent, being crazy," going off about "trying to get beers, Coronas, all this and all that." When the owners told him they weren't serving alcohol and a woman in the pizza place asked him to tone it down, my source says the guy "basically" said "bitch, shut the fuck up" and grabbed the woman's arm, setting off Wright, who knew the woman.

Words were exchanged. Wright told his alleged assailant he'd "put you to sleep right now, have you on the ground." The man spat back: "I'll put you in the ground." Wright punched the man, the cops came, everybody left.

Then Wright and a friend returned to the Greenville and Prospect intersection -- and what follows is pieced together from various accounts: Wright somehow ran into the man, who was in a vehicle. Words were exchanged, shots were fired, and Wright died later at the hospital. DPD says it doesn't have a suspect yet.

Further details forthcoming when/if more information comes in.

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