Ebola in Dallas: Your Mid-Morning Update

Since concluding our coverage yesterday, the situation hasn't changed much. The apartment in which Thomas Duncan stayed at The Ivy in Vickery Meadows is still under quarantine, but has received additional cleaning and waste disposal. No person Duncan was in contact with has shown any symptoms, and the only reason any DISD schools are closed is the massive power outages caused by yesterday's storms.

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Links of Note:

Emily Mathis reports on Dallas parents who are keeping their kids out of school.

From Vox, an explainer of what we know, and perhaps more important, what we don't about the Duncan case. The post questions a lot of information reported by multiple outlets, including the date Duncan first sought care, whether Duncan knew he had been in contact with Ebola and whether anyone actually contacted the CDC about Duncan.

The New York Times describes the challenge "Countering Fear of Ebola With Education Where West Africans Live in U.S." Vickery Meadows has one of the highest concentrations of West Africans in the country. The paper also explains what "direct contact" means with regard to Ebola.

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Locally, The Dallas Morning News reports on the difficulties faced by authorities in finding people who may have come in contact with Duncan and ensuring they receive proper monitoring and care and describes the long emergency waits faced by patients at Texas Health Presbyterian.

Finally, from WFAA, an explanation of why Duncan was released from Presbyterian after his first trip to the hospital.

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