Elba Garcia Goes Griggs

I've been trying, with no luck, to talk to Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia about why she's endorsing Scott Griggs over Dave Neumann in the race for District 3's seat at the City Hall horseshoe. Garcia served on several committees with Neumann during her tenure on the council -- among them the Public Safety and Finance, Audit & Accounting committees. So she knows Neumann. I see she didn't endorse him in 2007 either.

Griggs posted her endorsement on his website Friday -- nothing much, just the picture you see here and a few sentences.

"I have seen Scott in action. He has the experience and dedication District 3 voters deserve. Please join me in supporting Scott Griggs for Dallas City Council."

I've been trying to reach Garcia for a little more explanation. But her chief of staff, once and former political consultant Brooks Love, says she's been in meetings all day and hasn't come up for air. Incidentally, late last week Elba's husband Domingo endorsed Mike Rawlings for Dallas mayor.


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