Expunction Expo will grant a fresh start to some Dallas residents.EXPAND
Expunction Expo will grant a fresh start to some Dallas residents.
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Expunction Expo to Offer Fresh Start for Some Dallas County Residents

This weekend, Dallas County will hold its third Expunction Expo and ceremony in which Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot will erase qualifying criminal offenses from eligible people's records.

On Saturday, county officials will present about 330 people with proof that a criminal offense or conviction that qualified to be expunged has been cleared from their records. As part of ongoing criminal justice reform efforts, the expo is designed to help people improve their lives.

“We now have over 300 individuals who have access to employment, education and housing to improve their lives,” Creuzot said in a statement.

A criminal record often makes it hard to rent an apartment or get a job, which can lead to further criminal activity and repeat convictions. Creuzot is trying to reduce Dallas County's recidivism rate with this program. In a statement, he said that qualifying people whose records are expunged on Saturday will be in a better position to care for themselves and their families.

“That’s 300 people who are less likely to re-offend, saving all of us taxpayer dollars while improving the overall safety of Dallas County. Most importantly, it’s 300 people who will have a renewed hope in our justice system,” he said.

The expo will also feature resources and info for attendees. Representatives from local education programs and the Dallas Public Library will be present, offering information about education and literacy programs available. Some local employment agencies will also be on hand with options for a fresh start to attendees.

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