Face It, Most Air Travel is Emotionally Distressing

As it turns out, two women filed suit against American Airlines over lengthy stays on the tarmac in Austin in December '06. Monday we mentioned Catherine Ray of Arkansas, whose lawsuit alleges she was a victim of "false imprisonment" when her Oakland-to-Dallas flight was stuck on the tarmac in at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for 13 hours.

Joining her in suing the Fort Worth-based carrier is Kathleen Hanni of Napa, California, who also alleges, according to USA Today, that she "suffered hunger, thirst, illness, emotional distress and financial losses when American failed to supply the planes with food or water, empty the toilets or let passengers off" in Austin. Both are looking for class-action status. In related news, I had no idea this is what "dirty airplane" meant. --Robert Wilonsky


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