Fair Park, Texas Horse Park. Still Got "Park" in There Somewhere.

Every now and then this week -- till Wednesday at least -- we'll highlight some items on the Dallas City Council's agenda, which runs more than 2,300 pages once you tally up the final agenda and final addendum items. Feels a bit like a year-end best-of, as the council takes up the smoking ordinance (addendum item No. 21), renaming Yale Boulevard (agenda item No. 96) and other familiar favorites, which we'll get to through the course of the mid-week. But this item, for the moment, strikes our fancy: agenda item No. 57, which would approve spending $12.6 million for "the reconstruction of the Esplanade fountain... and restoration of the Parry Avenue gate at Fair Park."

The city's toyed with the idea of selling the naming rights to the Esplanade to offset some of the cost. But, for now, another alternative: "Interim funding for this action will be provided by the 2006 Bond Funds designated for the Texas Horse Park, in the amount of $1,674,500 in advance of the 2006 bonds designated for Court of Honor restoration." You remember the Texas Horse Park, right? --Robert Wilonsky

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