Fight! Fight! Fight!

So, uh, yeah. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) championship event known as "The Art of War 3," taking place September 1 at the American Airlines Center, is apparently going to be "one of the biggest parties Dallas has ever hosted." Sure, why not -- "cageside" VIP tix are going for $300, so what the hell. And, besides, lookit this giddy-up the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau sent out today:

The invitations have been sent, the arena is ready, the television crew have been working day and night and the city of Dallas is on edge. The list of VIPs is being kept strictly confidential. Movie Stars, Musical Artists, Athletes, Corporate CEO's, Politicians, and the exclusive "A List" have been assembled to what is being referred to as 'one of the biggest parties Dallas has ever hosted' to be televised around the world.

Phillip Jones, CEO of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, in an open letter stated, "We look forward to hosting the world championship Mixed Martial Arts -- 'Art of War' event at the American Airlines Center on September 1, 2007. We are excited that Dallas was chosen as the location for the largest International Team Mixed Martial Arts Event featuring USA and Brazil."

Really, Mr. Jones -- "the list of VIPs is being kept strictly confidential"? Don't make us get Craig Watkins involved. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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