Flagrant Fouls

Who doesn't love it when Lower Greenville turn-that-noise-downer Avi Adelman gets into it with a club owner? But we feel kinda bad that his latest spat's with former Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe Avezzano, who told more stories than the Bible when he showed up to present some Dallas Observer Music Awards a couple of weeks back. The guy talks like he's got marbles in his mouth, sure, but he spits out nothing but gems.

Of course, Adelman ain't buyin' none of what Coach Joe's selling. Perhaps you've already read of Adelman's run-in with Dallas' finest over a 911 call Adelman made regarding the amount of noise coming from Coach Joe's new Lower Greenville club Suede. In short, Avi tries to get Joe a ticket, gets one himself, cops shoot Avi a nasty e-mail, police chief dismisses it, promises investigation. And so on.

Well, this morning that Barking Dog Adelman sent out an e-mail disputing Avezzano's claims in The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday that his bar wasn't making too much noise on Saturday night. Adelman takes particular issue with Avezzano's claim that "we had an environmentalist [from the city] with a noise meter that was there under our invite that told us that we were in compliance, [and] the first notes of our band were hardly part of the atmosphere before apparently the first call was made."

In short, Adelman says: "Bullshit." In long, he writes:

"BD made some calls to find out what City staff person was invited to the party as long as he brought along his meter. But the true story is even better. A City staffer from Environmental Health Services was on Lower Greenville on Saturday night with his meter. He issued a citation to Suede for loud noise on Saturday evening.

Neighbors BD spoke to at the community meeting on Tuesday told him that they were calling the DPD for the noise up to 2 am, especially every time some DJ started screaming into the microphone. Sometimes the police figured it out, sometimes they didn't...

We really do appreciate your efforts to reinvigorate the local neighborhood associations. Too bad we can't call 15 yard penalties everytime you open your mouth."

Adelman also mentions something Unfair Park just confirmed with DPD spokesman Sgt. Gil Cerda: On Saturday night, the club's general manager, Christian Longford, was arrested by vice officers, who charged him with operating a club without a dance-hall license. It's a class-C misdemeanor that comes with a fine not to exceed $500 should he be found guilty. Sounds like somebody...fumbled. --Robert Wilonsky

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