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Folks Throwing XLV Party in Cotton Bowl Say Tent's Just Fine And the Wingding's Still On

For the last hour or so, a rumor's been circulating via the Facebook and e-mail that the ginormo tent built inside the Cotton Bowl for the XLV Party -- featuring DJ sets from Duran Duran's Roger Taylor, Passion Pit and Samantha Ronson, among others -- collapsed beneath the weight of last night's sleet and snow. The WFAA video also suggests as much. So I called Ariana Hajibashi, who's handling PR for the event, to see what gives -- besides the tent. (I know -- hilarious, right?)

Hajibashi said she'd look into it, then call back. She just did. Says the publicist, "There was a big snow load on the top, so they've been taking it down to get the snow off it. They'll put it back up tomorrow. They're just reconstrucing it, but, no, it didn't collapse. They took it down. Dallas Party Tent & Event took it down. It happened a little quicker than we wanted to -- those things can withstand 75-mile per hour winds, but once they began to take it down, it came down. But they were watching it, nobody got hurt, and everybody's fine. I love Dallas weather. But everything's still golden, and the events are still happening."

As you may have heard, the Thursday-night portion of the party, featuring the Village People, has been axed due to woeful ticket sales -- as in, quite the unlucky 13. But Hajibashi says Friday and Saturday night are "looking good." I hope so: We have tix to give away tomorrow.

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