For $5, Josh Hamilton's Record-Tying Bat Will Pose for Your Photo at the Ballpark Tonight

The brief but magisterial career of Josh Hamilton's magic baseball bat came to a tragic end when the slugger cracked it during his final plate appearance against the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday.

Hamilton used the bat to pound four home runs into the stands of Camden Yards in Baltimore during a record-tying outing last week (and four more during an equally historic six-game stretch).

The bat is on it's way to Cooperstown, but before it goes, Rangers fans can bask briefly in the magical aura it undoubtedly exudes.

The team sends word that tonight, for one night only, the bat will be on display at Texas Stadium in Arlington. Gazing upon it from afar is free, but it'll cost you $5 to have your picture taken with it, proceeds from which go to the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation. It'll be on display on the third base concourse from the time the gates open until 8:30 p.m.

Remember to just use your eyes and not your hands, since you won't be allowed to touch Josh Hamilton's magic bat.

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